Maria Bou Habib, is a French artist born in Beirut, who has participated in many exhibitions. She has completed six solo exhibitions and participated in many workshops within Russia, France and Jordan. She is a Senior Lecturer with a PHD in Art History from Paris Nanterre University.
She works as a freelancer and has her own workshop of paintings, ceramics & different art work.
“ Having my diploma, travelling all over the world, exploring life, arts and knowing famous artists like in Academia Repina in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris …. All that has enlarged my perspective.”
My art took its source from the figurative painting, and the realistic. My own work is very symbolic and modern with flat spaces, creating depth and enhancement by the body, shapes, and signs.
Trying to capture the light, some transparencies are vanishing out of some silhouettes, and yet present in others but disturbed…still searching for transparency beyond shapes and shades”.